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The World's Leading Footwear Manufacturer.

Our advanced technologies make it better

The brand says it all

Leading Customers

As a branded footwear manufacturer for other companies, offering each season full collections with comfortable and trendy shapes.

The future is here and now

Aggiomultimex operates within the midstream segment of the footwear industry

Our Introduction to starting a shoe company in Indonesia is based on our 30 years of shoemaking experience for some of the biggest names in footwear including Prada, Fischer Sports, Lacoste and many more. Enabling higher quality in shoe making and cost effective and opening up for a range of new possibilities in every new development. We are strict in making shoes on durability, strength and wearability.

Deliver High Quality Products

The Quality Assurance Department conducts regular examinations on all products manufactured and oversees the implementation of quality controls at every stage of production.

Development Process

Research and development is essential in creating new design, and using new and ethical sourced materials to meet customers’ consistently changing needs.

ISO:9001 Standard accredited

Aggiomultimex is an ISO:9001 Standard accredited company assuring all our agents and raw materials approved quality standards in all aspects of our operation.

High Quality Materials

Aggiomultimex has always placed continuous emphasis on quality with extensive checks conducted on raw materials, throughout the production process and on finished products.

Growing Living Factory

The production of footwear is still very much a labor-intensive process. We have a proven reputation of working with international, high end brands and meeting specific production requirements in addition to compliance with strict health, safety and labour regulations. As a thriving democracy, we offers a less controversial base for multinational footwear brands to set up our production facilities. A more educated workforce have also demonstrated adaptability to new trends as well as creativity in producing our own designs while working with international principals and buyers.

PT. Aggiomultimex International Group

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